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Fire Department Monthly Meeting - EVERY 3RD THURSDAY

OF THE MONTH 6:30 pm


By Phil Roberts

   A volunteer fire dept. is a necessity for the safety and protection of small communities. The Plum City-Township of Union Fire Department is of no exception. Dating back to its inception in 1911, this unit of dedicated volunteers has served this community and surrounding areas with a closeness of camaraderie and professionalism.

   There are currently 26 State certified members of which 2 are women. To become a member you are required to complete between 40 and 100 hours of training. The training branches off on several different specialties. Many are trained to fight DNR wild fires, some are trained to be tornado watchers, trained pump operators, or even trained as truck drivers. The Fire Department works closely with the Plum City-Maiden Rock-Lund Ambulance service as many of the Fire Department personnel are also trained as first responders.

   With the country-wide 911 system the department is prepared to respond to all types of accidents along with alerting the Plum City Care Center, elderly housing, the schools and the trailer court when the sirens are set off for a storm watch.

   The procurement of equipment to perform the duties required during any type of emergency is the backbone of any good crew besides the crew itself. Over the years our Fire Department has done an exemplary job in this area. It is currently equipped with 3 tankers, 1 pumper, 1 brush truck, 1 rescue trailer and 1, 1934, parade pumper. The Jaws unit came from the Prescott Fire Department as a donation and the Air Tank System also came from Prescott for a small donation, which was rumored to be a few cases of beer. But don’t quote me on that. The most recent pumper was purchased through the use of 80% grant money. I was told that the current Fire Chief, Jamey King, is very good at searching out and preparing grant requests. A grant has recently been submitted for new turn-out gear and breathing apparatus. A thermal imaging camera is in the process of being purchased from the proceeds of the last 2 Steak Feeds.

   The Plum City-Township of Union Fire Department has 2 main fundraisers throughout the year. One of those fundraisers being a Spring Steak Feed and the other a Fall Fish Fry. These 2 events are greatly supported by the community both in attendance and also by many dedicated members and volunteers.

   I recently wrote an article about volunteering and how it is the thread that holds small communities together. The Plum City-Township of Union Fire Department members rise towards the top of the list of community volunteering and we take our hats off to you. Thank-you for your fine service throughout the years and we wish you safety and happiness. 


Current Roster: Kevin Almstead, Ron Anderson, Stacy Bauer, Luke Bechel, Tracy Biederman, Eric Brantner, Tom Danzinger, Roland Eccles, Mel Fisher, DuWayne Flynn, Adam Gilles, Bryon Gilles, Kent Gilles, Matt Gilles, Todd Glaus, Clint Hass, Justin Hewitt, Kurt Ingli, Mike Kernstock, Jamey King, Kyle Klinski, Dan LaBrec, Clay McMurray, Tracy Miller, Cory Snapp, Bill Weldon.

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